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Monster Clicker RPG

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☆ Touch! (tap!), you can clear all the monsters in the dungeon!Upgrade your equipment stronger than anyone else, and enter the best ranking!!!Monster Clicker Opening One day of peaceful Kais kingdom in B.C. 17th century...The evil invaded Kais kingom and dominated the world.Although many heroes resisted the evil for a number of centuries,The results were always the evils victory. Now, a new hero comes on. The hero is.... The hero is right you!Put together evil-absorbing gate pieces that were scattered in 36 pieces by the evil and repel the evil. Monster Clicker Features:◆ Very easy! Support the battle Tap! Simple! Interesting! New!◆ Addictive Clicker Game!◆ Summon various classes of heroes to resist the evil! ◆ Lets together! Guild System!◆ Beautiful and magnificent original soundtrack produced by European composers!